Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Condoms and Eighth Layer of Hell

Great Buzz has been generated by the Pope's recent and revamped statement on condoms. Historically the Catholic Church has been an unwavering opponent of the use of artificial contraceptive devices. Whether from Naturalists, Liberal Theologians, Eugenicists, or Moral Liberals, criticism of this controversial position has never been in short supply. In recent years the devastation that AIDS has wrought on the world has opened a recent wave of attacks on a Church, who have sought to align themselves with the poor and oppressed. Some quarters suppose education and condom use would reduce the spread of AIDS and the Roman Catholic Churches opposition is hindering the noble cause. Coupled with a changing world that views monogamy or large families as irresponsible or a hindrance, even in Christian circles, few adamantly avoid all artificial contraception. Condoms are no longer illegal in countries with a Catholic majority and the social taboo has come full circle. With a diminishing list of allies it seems the Pope's statement is welcome by all, though some see it as too little too late.
The Papal quote was as follows:
There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility.” So now male prostitutes near and far breath a sigh of relief that their vigilant efforts are justifiable. If the last sentence seemed odd, that's because it is. The Churches previous position was actually an impenetrable protector against the spread of sexually transmitted AIDS. A devout Catholic would have no need of condoms, from a protective standpoint as they would abstains from brothels, elude casual sex and only have sex with their spouse throughout their lives. I have yet to meet the small band of ill-informed Catholics who unashamedly partake of orgies and brothels, but Heaven Forbid they use a condom! I mean male prostitutes are sinful enough, but CONDOMS! Oh no! I can just see St. Peter at the pearly gates:
OK, you cheated on your wife nine times … no biggy, spent a week in Fillipino brothel with young boys, we'll let that one go, but...wait a second... this can't be ri...? You used a CONDOM!!?!??! DENIED! Eighth layer of Hell for you buddy!”
An individual possessing Catholic leanings and enough laxity of morality to contravene the rules of abstinence should have the foresight to ignore the dogmas of artificial contraception. One who puts themselves at risk for sexual transmitted diseases has a soul in jeopardy regardless of condom use. One is not extra-super-duper sinful for employing a latex barrier.

While I shan't conjecture if condoms will indeed reduce the spread of the AIDS virus I will theorize on a pestilence more deleterious than any STD's known to man. A major symptom of this disease is the existence of the prostitutes spoken of by the Pope. Prostitution exists because there is a demand; enough people are convinced that they can use fellow members of humanity solely for sexual gratification. Enough people find it not only tolerable but advantageous that their siblings in humanity are subjected to such degradation. This group may find condoms shield them from certain disease but it appears that these shields have evolved into an unholy cataract. This cataract will not blind the individual from the sultry seductions of the flesh but instead conceals the basic beauty and dignity that shines from every creation of God. This cataract is actually tumorous, a cancer of the soul. Worse than a disease of flesh, this cancer devastates that which makes us human, which makes us beautiful. As St. Augustine once said “Therefore, the prostitution of women for the gratification of sinful passion, is condemned by the divine and eternal law. To purchase the degradation of another, disgraces the purchaser.” While STD's may prematurely end our time on earth, cancer of the soul follows us into the next life. Alas condoms are impuissant against such maladies.
Protecting the world from AIDS is noble but contraception is a bandage whereas holiness in an inoculation. Even those currently infected with cancer of the soul can rids themselves of this disease by asking forgiveness from the Father of the children they degraded. Their Father in Heaven is God almighty; not only will He forgive people of their wrongdoing but also heal them of their cataract and guide us to view our siblings in humanity as God sees them, beautiful and dignified. I will finish with a quote from the great Christian author Lacantius:
But if God only were worshipped, there would not be dissensions and wars, since men would know that they are the sons of one God; and, therefore, among those who were connected by the sacred and inviolable bond of divine relationship,... here would be no adulteries, and debaucheries, and prostitution of women, ... Nor would necessity, compel a woman to dishonour her modesty, to seek for herself a most disgraceful mode of sustenance; since the males also would restrain their lust, and the pious and religious contributions of the rich would succour the destitute... How happy and how golden would be the condition of human affairs, if throughout the world gentleness, and piety, and peace, and innocence, and equity, and temperance, and faith, took up their abode! ... But now men are wicked through ignorance of what is right and good.

God Love You -- Rev. Sheen


  1. Very true. The pope's statement was really completely unnecessary as it does not solve any problems whatsoever. I love the quote you used at the end.

  2. This is excellent. I especially enjoyed the point on people not being extra sinful because they use a condom, agreed. I love how we give sin a grade. The problem with man is sin, that was the problem with me!!! Also loved the last quote.

  3. The last quote is beautiful; however it is as impotent as the Pope's statement in that it desregards the fact that humanity exists in a fallen, sinful state.

  4. Hi Paddy, Well, the Catholic Church's position on artificial contraception remains the same. It has not changed. Also, I think you seem to have a very idealistic view of prostitutes. Prostitutes are abused by other people, but they have also chosen, for whatever reasons, to live a life which is evil, and they are using and abusing their own bodies AND other people's bodies as well. It's not as if they are completely innocent.
    The article also suggests that there is zero risk to a devout Catholic, living by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, of contracting STDs. However, what is this devout Catholic fell in love with a person who had lived a promiscuous life, and if this person fell in love with said devout Catholic also? Then life would not be risk-free for the Catholic, even though he or she had always lived morally.

    Where did you get what the Pope said? What language did he speak in when he said it?

  5. By the way, I am Roman Catholic. I love Pope Benedict 16, and I believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Church teaches against artificial contraception because artificial contraception blocks God out. The natural method of regulating fertility is every bit as effective as artificial contraception, but it does not block God out. There are also many, many other benefits to the Billings or natural method.
    The thinking which offers to the developing world condoms and says 'Look! We can help you to stop having children!' is patronizing and insulting. This is a sick mentality of the western world. Material goods are treasured, and immortal souls are treated with contempt.

  6. Love the design of this page, by the way, with the old books. Go hálainn!